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Legal Separation in Media Pennsylvania

The Varga Law Offices helps clients understand the complicated relationship between divorce and separation in PA.  We are uniquely qualified to explain the legal details of assisting clients with Delaware County contested and uncontested divorce laws.

Unlike some states, Pennsylvania does not explicitly recognize separation as a form of marriage dissolution.   Nevertheless, Pennsylvania law does acknowledge the date of separation – the “cessation of cohabitation”—as an important factor for several divorce-related issues.

Property division during a separation

If you are filing for a divorce, the date of your separation from your spouse could influence two important aspects of your divorce:

Determining marital assets

With regard to separation and property division, the date of marriage to the date of separation can define what is a marital asset and a non-marital asset.

Valuing property in divorce

It also affects valuation of certain property in a divorce.  Knowing the date of separation can be an important factor in how property is divided and/or valued.

If you are unsure about how the date of separation can influence a settlement, or in litigation, contact us to learn more.

Determining the date of a separation from marriage

Determining the exact date when you separated from your spouse can be one of the most difficult questions in your divorce.  For example, is it possible to be separated and still live in the same house?  When does the cessation of cohabitation actually begin?

There are several factors that could be considered when determining the date of your separation.

  • Whether the parties lived separate lives
  • Whether the parties slept in the same room and maintained sexual relations
  • Whether the parties did activities together, such as going on vacation
  • When your divorce complaint was filed

This information will be very important if you proceed to file a divorce in Delaware County.

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If you want to know more about how the date of separation can impact divorce in Pennsylvania, we are ready to answer your questions. Contact our dedicated legal team in Media, PA today.