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Delaware County Attorneys Handle Child Support Issues

Firm in Media assists with initial filing, modifications and enforcement

Most people are aware that noncustodial parents of minors are required to pay child support to help meet the financial needs of their sons and daughters.  Pennsylvania employs a formula that includes information on parents’ income and other factors to set a support amount, but complications often arise.  The Media, PA child support attorneys at Varga Law Offices represent paying and recipient parents in all types of legal matters relating to child support.  Whether you’re looking for information on what your obligation might be, what you may be entitled to, enforcing an existing order or seeking a modification due to changed circumstances, our experienced Delaware County lawyers advocate for your parental and financial rights.

Media, Pennsylvania lawyers provide comprehensive counsel on support matters

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our dedicated family law attorneys deliver knowledgeable counsel on all types of child support concerns, such as:

  • Factors affecting payments — For the parent who is not awarded physical child custody, their monthly support obligation is usually based on the calculation of several factors, including each parent’s income, childcare costs, health insurance premiums, spousal support and the number of children each parent has. This formula might not be strictly applied if the parties’ income is extremely high or low, and judges are allowed to deviate from it if special circumstances exist. Our firm makes sure that courts have all of the pertinent information.
  • Imputed income — A noncustodial parent cannot evade their child support responsibility by intentionally avoiding work. If this is a concern in your case, we’ll seek an appropriate order establishing a child support rate based on income that the paying parent should be earning. Similarly, if you are the paying parent, and the recipient is intentionally avoiding work, we will insure that the court is aware of this to impute income to that party.
  • Enforcement — Even if it is a first instance of nonpayment, a parent who fails to make a timely child support payment should be reported to the court. In these situations, our lawyers take assertive action and also defend clients who are wrongly accused of nonpayment.
  • Modifications — No matter how fair a change to a child support amount might seem, you cannot take the law into your own hands by changing the amount on your own. We represent clients requesting an adjustment due to a job change or other life event, as well as parents opposing child support modifications.
  • Duration — Child support obligations usually last to the age of 18 or graduation from high school, whichever is last to occur, but arguments can be made to cover the cost of caring for a disabled adult.

We understand how important these payments are no matter what side you’re on, and our lawyers are committed to obtaining a fair result.

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The Varga Law Offices assists parents in the Delaware County area with a full range of child support matters, including modification and enforcement actions. Please call 610.892.9909 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our office in Media.