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While litigating a divorce and afterward, financial support is often an issue, whether seeking child support or spousal support.  The lifestyle change brought about by divorce inevitably requires different financial arrangements.  When couples cannot initially agree on support, mediation can often lead to resolution — or litigation if couples cannot reach an out-of-court settlement. The Varga Law Offices provides invaluable legal help to their clients.

Determining child support

Pennsylvania child support guidelines make calculations based upon parents’ incomes, the number of children being supported, health insurance premiums, and whether the non-custodial parent is providing child support for other children from previous relationships.  New Pennsylvania child support guidelines became effective in 2010.  An experienced lawyer can help you understand the statutes involved, how they apply to your case, and ensure that you address all relevant factors.  Sometimes special needs involve additional educational costs or healthcare expenses to provide quality care for your child.

When to consult a child support attorney

All too often, a non-custodial parent is either late making child support payments or does not pay at all.  This leaves the other parent with the problem of supporting the child alone, which can be difficult.  However, you have legal recourse available to enforce child support payments.  We can take legal action on your behalf to collect current and back support.  Frequently, parents may need to pursue child support payment modifications, especially in an unstable economy where job loss is prevalent.  Whatever the situation, our law firm can help.

Spousal support in Pennsylvania

Various support arrangements also exist for spouses — arrangements while going through divorce and financial support after the divorce is final. Certain legal factors can lead to a denial of spousal support while the divorce is ongoing: however, most likely alimony pendente lite (APL) would then apply.  Also, different statutes apply for support after a divorce is finalized; this support is known as alimony. Pennsylvania uses a spousal support/APL formula that courts must generally follow when awarding spousal support/APL.  However, alimony is a different matter under PA law and a set formula is not used.  To understand the legal nuances, it is best to consult a Media, PA spousal support attorney.

Rely on legal help from an experienced child support attorney in Media, PA

The Varga Law Offices can help you obtain child support or spousal support during divorce and resolve child support delinquency issues.  Contact us for a consultation today.