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Media, PA Family Law Firm Simplifies the Divorce Process

Using collaborative law to settle family disputes can save time and money

At the Varga Law Offices, we put a focus on resolving disputes as easily and painlessly as possible. A divorce can be very stressful on a personal level. The addition of courts, judges, and battles over children and property make the process even harder. Recently, a simpler alternative has been developed. The growing area of collaborative law includes a process called collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is an agreement between you and your spouse to enter into a voluntary negotiation process instead of fighting in court. It works very well for couples who are willing to compromise and would rather get things done by working together than by fighting. We represent clients in collaborative divorces, helping to reduce the stress of the divorce process.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

Once the parties in the divorce enter into a participation agreement, they usually will not need to go to court. The participation agreement is a document the parties sign that says they will work together honestly and in good faith to create a legally binding agreement, resolving everything at issue in the divorce. Topics in the final agreement usually include:

  • Child support: The parties will work together using an honest account of their finances to determine what types of child support payments are necessary and feasible.
  • Child custody: Rather than forcing a child to come to court, families can determine for themselves how to split child custody.
  • Property distribution: Instead of arguing about property division through lawyers, the parties compromise and negotiate about who gets which property and whether any property should be sold.

The parties in a collaborative divorce will meet multiple times with their attorneys present. Attorneys help keep the peace and move the process along, focusing on the most important decisions first. Let us help you resolve your divorce without a drawn-out court battle.

What are the benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce?

If you and your spouse can agree to work in good faith on a collaborative divorce, the benefits are tremendous. Your attorney fees are often half of what they would cost in a normal divorce. You will save time as well. Instead of attorneys filing motions back and forth for months, everyone can sit down in a room together and resolve a particular issue in a meeting. Your family maintains more privacy because the facts leading to the divorce are never aired or recorded in court. Parties to a collaborative divorce report being more satisfied because they avoid intense fighting and don’t give control of their life over to a judge. A collaborative divorce also creates a foundation of cooperation, so you and your ex can maintain that relationship in the future, which is especially important if you share children.

If your divorce seems overwhelming, contact our Delaware County law firm to help ease your stress.

The Varga Law Offices is conveniently located in Media, PA near the county courthouse. Our firm can guide you through the collaborative law process, helping to avoid a lengthy and costly court battle. If you are considering a divorce, call attorney Abbey Varga at 610.892.9909 or contact us online today. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday with other hours available by appointment for your convenience.