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Guide to Divorce in Delaware County, PA

Media, PA family law firm answers common questions on the marriage dissolution process

When you have questions about ending your marriage, the experienced Delaware County, PA divorce attorneys at Varga Law Offices are here to provide you with answers. Since 1982, our family law firm has knowledgeably guided clients through every step in the Delaware County, Pennsylvania divorce process.

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For more than 35 years, the Media divorce attorneys at Varga Law Offices have assisted Delaware County clients seeking to end their marriages. To schedule a consultation, call our firm at 610.892.9909 or contact us online.

What are the top reasons for divorce?

Reasons for divorce can be as different as the individuals involved. Some of the top reasons for divorce include infidelity, money issues, domestic violence, substance abuse and incompatibility.

What happens after divorce papers are filed in Delaware County court?

After divorce papers are filed in Delaware County court, the filing party must serve the papers on their spouse within 30 days.  This can be done via regular mail utilizing an Acceptance of Service form, through Certified Mail or with the assistance of a process server. The method of service will depend entirely on your unique case and situation.  Once good service is achieved, the case will proceed from there.

What is the cost of a divorce in Delaware County?

It is very difficult to estimate the cost of a divorce as it differs greatly from one case to another.  There are many factors that contribute to the cost, including attorneys fees, filing fees, expert fees and so on.  How much a Delaware County divorce attorney  bills to handle a divorce typically depends on the level of agreement or disagreement about property division, child custody and other terms of the divorce.

How long does a divorce take in Pennsylvania?

The time frame of a divorce can vary greatly from one case to another.  Some cases, which involve no assets or children, can only take a few months, while others can take years.  Fault-based divorces also typically take longer than no-fault divorces, which is one reason why they are rarely used.

How can I get a fast divorce in Media, PA?

If both you and your spouse are in agreement about divorcing and agree to all of the terms of the divorce, including any issues regarding custody or support, you can likely be divorced within a few months.

Is divorce mediation a good idea?

Divorce mediation can be beneficial in the right scenario. With the help of a neutral mediator, spouses may be able to settle issues in their divorce while avoiding the time, stress and expense associated with litigation.

Who gets the house in a Pennsylvania divorce?

That depends on the particular circumstances. Sometimes, one spouse will get the house in property division decisions and the other will get an equitable amount of other assets. If one parent is granted physical custody of the children, this can also affect who stays in the home. In other cases, the house may be sold and the monies divided or one spouse may buy out the other.