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Child Custody Lawyers in Media, PA Pursue Appropriate Arrangements

Accomplished Delaware County firm assists divorcing parents

Parents who divorce must make every effort to secure the well-being of their children as they go through a difficult time. Even if other issues are being disputed, it’s usually in everyone’s best interest to reach agreement on custody matters through consensus. Unfortunately, this cannot always be achieved. When maneuvering the legal and emotional challenges of child custody, it is wise to have an experienced Media child custody lawyer at your side.  At the Varga Law Offices in Media, we are dedicated Delaware County attorneys who represent parents in child custody matters and other family litigation. With a deep understanding of Pennsylvania law and a strong commitment to assisting our clients and their children, our firm delivers exceptional results in a full array of custody cases.

Proven Media PA advocates handle issues of legal and physical custody

Our family law attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience handling issues relating to divorce, custody and child support concerns. We use that background to deliver effective counsel to parents regarding:

  • Legal custody — Most parents are granted joint legal custody.  As joint legal custody implies, both parents share in the rights and responsibilities associated with their child’s upbringing. Legal decisions parents make include decisions about their child’s education, religious affiliation, choice of doctor and insurance for medical care.  Other overall social and recreational activities may also be legal decisions, all of which are referred to as legal custody.
  • Physical custody — Physical custody refers to where the children live and the parent’s responsibility in providing for and overseeing their daily needs, such as food, clothing, proper hygiene, etc. In a custody arrangement, parents may share legal and physical custody responsibilities or they may have joint legal custody with one parent being awarded primary physical custody. When negotiating or litigating custody issues, our focus is always on the best interest of the child.
  • Fathers’ rights — Under Pennsylvania law, fathers have the same rights to custody as mothers do.  The law no longer discriminates based on gender when awarding custody.  If you believe that bias exists because you are the father, we can work as a fathers’ right attorney to help protect your rights.
  • Third-party custody — When parents are not giving a child the basic care and support the child needs, we represent grandparents and others who seek third-party custody to give the young person the safe, supportive environment that they deserve.
  • Modification — When circumstances change after a divorce in Media, PA, you may need to modify custodial arrangements.  For example, if one parent moves farther away, arrangements outlined in the current custody order may become impractical.  Acting as your modification lawyer, we can help you make custody modifications and submit the changes to the court for approval.

Our background gives us the ability to understand long-term consequences and provide guidance that puts everyone in a position to maintain a positive relationship going forward.

Media Pennsylvania child custody attorneys provide personalized guidance

If parents cannot work things out on their own, Pennsylvania law lists 16 factors that courts are to consider when setting forth custody terms. Decisions on custody questions are made based on what the Court believes to be in the child’s best interests. A few of the Pennsylvania custody factors are:

  • Which party is more likely to encourage and permit frequent and continuing contact between the child and the other party.
  • The need for stability and continuity in the child’s education, family life and community life.
  • Which party is more likely to attend to the daily physical, emotional, developmental, educational and special needs of the child.
  • The availability of extended family.
  • The child’s sibling relationships.
  • The history of drug or alcohol abuse of a party or member of a party’s household.

What is in a child’s best interests requires a detailed knowledge of the specific circumstances, and our personalized approach to each case gives you the best chance of a favorable outcome for you and your child.

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