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Do I need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Creating a Pre-Nuptial Agreement brings peace of mind to many engaged couples. If their marriage does not work out, they at least will not have to worry about a fight over property division and other issues.  However, many people’s first reaction to having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement brought into conversation is:  “Don’t you trust me?” “Why… Read More »

Understanding Alimony in Pennsylvania

Alimony, also sometimes referred to as spousal support or maintenance, is handled a little differently in Pennsylvania as opposed to other states.  Once a divorce decree has been entered, the court may reasonably allow alimony, but only if it is considered necessary.  Here, in Delaware County, alimony is becoming more of a common occurrence but… Read More »

Custody of the Pet

During a divorce, the division of property can be a contentious issue, especially regarding pets.  In Pennsylvania, courts treat pets in the same manner as personal property.  There is no special provision for shared custody or visitation.  Often, a Judge may even refuse to decide the issue.  For the sake of the pet, it is… Read More »

Financial Points to Consider During Divorce

During your first meetings with a Pennsylvania divorce attorney, you will begin to discuss your financial situation.  In some ways, divorce is like splitting up a business partnership: both processes focus on dividing assets and debts in a way that neither unfairly rewards nor unfairly burdens either party. If you are considering divorce or have… Read More »

Equitable Distribution

In Pennsylvania, equitable distribution is the process in which marital property is divided among spouses. Generally, marital property is all property acquired from the date of marriage to the date of separation with certain exceptions.  The following are examples of marital property: Property acquired by either party during the marriage, no matter whose name the… Read More »

Child Custody Factors

The biggest factor in custody determinations is the best interest of the child.  In order to determine the child’s best interests, the court is required to consider all factors which impact upon the child’s physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual well-being. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Custody is broken down into two aspects:  (1)  … Read More »